CFD Trading in the UK


 Image result for metastock LOGO There are many charting packages out there but Metastock is with out one of the more powerful versions. Metastock was once owned by Reuters and was sold to it management but the company has retained its relationship through the Xenith platform.(Listed in market data platform section) Metastock can be added to the Xenith platform to create a very powerful platform. One can create custom indicators as well as back testing. For technical traders this is worth a look.

Core Finance TV is now available on You Tube and is a financial platform for the investment community. Short videos are shown through out the day from technical analysts to brokers as well giving valuable insights into the financial markets. The program also interviews various company executives from the small and mid cap sector. Overall worth watching even if only to keep with up with what is happening in the markets. 

Visit Bloomberg    Visit CNBC

Both these television channels are dedicated to business and provide an excellent source of information. They are also available on the internet as well as mobile devices.

ADVFN PLC operates a web site which provides up-to-date financial data on the UK stock markets. The Group's site provides users with services including a bulletin board for investors to swap ideas and messages, real-time share information from the London Exchange, configuration alerts which notify subscribers of stock price changes, and regulatory new services and charts. Another good site for traders. The firm is listed on the London Stock Exchange

 4-Traders website is a valuable source of information for traders wishing to keep up to date with market news.Its has news views and fundamental and technical data. Its a good place to look for the active trader. Most of the information is free although if you want to drill down deeper you will need to subscribe.


Image result for broker forecasts Broker Forecasts is a UK based web page dedicated to broker comments. it shows in detail the upgrades and the downgrades for stocks. It even ranks the analysts in terms of how successful they are in their recommendations. This site covers UK listed shares. Its worth the subscription. One can get a colour of which way the investment community is facing in the markets. One can even set alerts as soon as a change takes place. There is plenty of research to see from this site. Again another great site worth looking at.


If you are looking multiple monitors than here are a few links below which you may find useful.

Visit Digital Tigers

They have a comprehensive selection of display panels  along with computers to match and their prices are very reasonable. The only point to note is that they are U.S. based so make sure you know what  the shipping costs are and their warranty details.

Visit Multiple Monitors

This is a U.K based company and again have a good selection to offer both in terms of displays and computers. It's well worth visiting their site.

Visit Falcon

This company has top quality computers and displays and a good back up service. It also has a U.K office to handle all domestic sales as well as after sales and technical support.


Reading Resources

Traders Bible The Traders Bible has been around for a few years now but essentially is a guide to trading equities which explains all the information you need to trade in the financial markets. In short, well worth reading. The Author of the book is Dominic Connolly who has had a successful career in the financial services industry. He joined the trading desk of Smith New Court which pioneered the application of Equity CFDs in the UK. He moved on to GNI where he played an instrumental role in introducing CFDs to the retail and private investors.


Free Capital is written by Guy Thomas and focuses on twelve private investors who have succeeded in making a living from trading in the Financial Markets. They explain how they have used their strategies in trading and how they came about to trading full time. An interesting read.

The book is written by Saqib Mir. He is considered to be the leading authority when it comes to technical analysts in financial markets. He has appeared on various media outlets including Bloomberg and CNBC  As a technical analyst he has written a book on the subject and has been an instant success. Again another excellent book well worth reading.


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